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Patient Testimonials and Audiologist Reviews

Looking for reviews of our audiologist? Many individuals have found the solution to their hearing issues at Designer Audiology. Here are testimonials from some of our patients:


July 2020

Thank you for your help. I am using the hearing aids much more often. Have a Happy 4th of July.


June 2020

I am grateful for your expertise and care. You are an important member of my medical team!


May 2020

I find Dr Spoor to be an extremely accomplished, knowledgeable audiologist and has the best interest of her patients in mind. She does not disappoint.


December 2019

I am so happy that Designer Audiology was recommended to me.


November 2019

My hearing aids are new. One seemed to be malfunctioning. Dr. Spoor quickly diagnosed the problem, fixed it and then showed me how to fix it should it occur in the future.


October 2019

I loved my appointment with you! I have told many people about you and they are also telling their friends who may need you. Keep up the good work and I will keep telling people about you!


August 2019

Thank you so much for excellent care and attention.


January 2019

Where to start? She let me use one of [her] aids while mine was getting fixed; great cup of coffee; wonderful conversation and helps me connect my phone to my car so I could use my aids to listen to everything! I have never—never know an audiologist with the combination of professionalism and generosity as Dr Spoor! She is brilliant, funny and a wonderful problem solver - run - do not walk to her today!

Nancy D.

December 2018

Dr. Spoor is just amazing! She is quite skilled, but also extremely patient and caring. Hard to believe her rates are the lowest I've experienced! I am so grateful to have found her practice.

Cochlear implant patient

July 2018

Dr. Spoor is awesome. Her professionalism and understanding of patient’s needs is amazing. She takes the time to get things right. It’s a process and journey.


June 2018

I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Alicia Spoor. She is courteous, thorough and takes the time to explain all of the diagnostics results as well as her recommended treatments and addresses all questions I might have.


February 2018

I have had an excellent experience with your office, obtaining my hearing aids. You tested me, listened to my perceptions, and advised me on the best technology to address my hearing issues. The hearing aids which I am wearing are just what I need, and they make hearing in different environments so much easier. I have given your name to other people, and I have recommended your service to “Washington Consumers’ Checkbook” with a superior rating! Thank you for being in business!

Mary L.

October 2017

Dr Alicia is very personable, brilliant and so accommodating to my concerns- plus great office and coffee! She is brilliant, personable and quite accommodating my concerns and needs-plus a beautiful office and great coffee!

Laura Y.

July 2016

Dr. Spoor is amazing! She is patient, understanding, accommodating, thorough and so friendly. She educates the patient and family members whenever possible. Her experience with disabled patients helped so much. I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Spoor. It was honestly the best experience we have had with a doctor in a very long time.

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